What is a Homebug?

Homebug provides a range of services to control and monitor your home. The main Homebug unit monitors your electricity usage, controls your hot water cylinder and irrigation schedules.


Who will install the Homebug at my home?

Setting up your Homebug for pre paid electricity usage monitoring is a task most people will feel comfortable with, although an electrician would be able to do the installation for you, if you prefer. The inline kWh meter, Hot Water and lighting modules require installation by a qualified electrician.


Do I need an irrigation controller to use the irrigation module?

No, the Homebug connects directly to standard, off the shelf solenoids directly. If you already have an irrigation controller, the Homebug irrigation module will replace your controller.


How does a Homebug work?

Your Homebug is connected to your electricity supply by either a prepaid flash pickup, or an inline kWh meter. The Homebug gets to work immediately logging your electricity usage - providing you with instant feedback of your current usage.


What if my internet connection is interupted?

The Homebug will continue to log your electricity usage normally. Homebug will send the usage information to the Homebug servers once your internet connection is restored.


Does the Homebug need an internet connection?

Yes, and no! The Homebug is designed as an online electricity management and home control system. It is able to run offline for controlling hot water, irrigation and your pool pump. However, you will gain the most value by providing the Homebug with an internet connection.


How much does a Homebug cost?

Pricing for all modules is available on the products page.


What is included in my monthly monitoring fee?

Electricity usage logs, monthly usage reports, utility bill saving tips, weather based irrigation, and online rule management are included in the monthly monitoring service.


Will my Homebug work if I haven't paid my monthly monitoring fee?

Yes, your Homebug will continue to notify you when you are running low on prepaid electricity, control your hot water, irrigate your garden*, manage your pool, and control your lights.

* Weather based irrigation is only available with an active monitoring service.


I don't have a prepaid meter. What is a phase, and how many do I have?

If you receive an account for your electricity, you will need an inline kWh meter to monitor your electricity usage. We have single phase and three phase inline metres avalable. The number of live cables coming into your home denotes the number of phases your home uses. Ask your electrician to check in your distribution board.