The electricity price has increased to levels where more of us are aware of the impact our electricity usage affects our pockets. We all need to manage our electricity usage.

Homebug is the ideal tool for you to monitor your consumption, and control one of the biggest electricity consumers in your house; your hot water cylinder.

View detailed graphs of your electricity usage, per minute, hour, day and month. Get to know your usage patterns and see where you can save. Homebug puts the power in your hands.


From the dashboard page, you are able to see at a glance the state of all areas of your home including your electricity usage. For prepaid meters, a low unit warning is displayed once your meter dips below your set threshold. You will also receive a reminder SMS that it is time to buy more electricity.

Electricity Dashboard

Usage Reporting

Full control over the period and level is provided from the electricity usage page. Electricity usage is shown in both kWh and Rands. Choose between reports by minute, hour, day and month. The orange line shows the main Hot water cylinder temperature.

Usage Reporting