Homebug uses the latest HTML and web technologies to communicate with the Homebug servers and to provide a local user interface. Any device with a web browser can be used for control. Homebug is device, operating system, and browser independent.

The Homebug base unit contains all connections for ethernet, local communications, temperature and control. All modules are connected to the Homebug for control and scheduling.


Prepaid Meters

Meters with a pulse output (flashing light) require no additional components to operate. A prepaid pulse pickup is attached from the Homebug to the meter's pulse led directly.

Other Meters

Meters with no pulse output (flashing light) require either a single phase or three phase kWh meter which is wired into the Homebug directly.


The Homebug base unit can control up to 3 hot water cylinders, each with dedicated control and temperature monitoring.


The homebug irrigation module controls one pool or other device.


The Homebug irrigation module controls 4 zones of irrigation.


The Homebug supports multiple lighting controllers. Each lighting controller replaces one light switch, dimmable or not. Rules can be assigned to the first 32 light addresses.

Lights are automatically addressed from the easy to use web interface, allowing for an easy installation during wiring.

Additional lighting modules are supported - but are unable to form part of rules executing on the Homebug base unit. Contact us for our industrial solution, should you require more than 32 lights on a schedule.