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Homebug GSM

Homebug GSM allows you to monitor your household's electricity usage. This saves you money by showing you where you can reduce your usage.

By simply placing a pickup over your meters usage LED, Homebug calculates your usage in kWh and Rands, empowering you to make simple changes that save you money.

Homebug lets you purchase electricity online right now; simply and easily. No more trips to the petrol station in the middle of the night!

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Take control of your home!

Hot Water

Control your hot water cylinder schedule and temperature. Each schedule can have different temperatures, allowing for maximum saving.

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Control your irrigation schedule simply and easily. Disable irrigation automatically based on forecast so you save water.

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Control your pool schedule. Enter a summer and a winter schedule once off and it will be automatically on the change of season.

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Make switching on the light fun again, while at home - or away! Light controllers replace existing switches whether dimmable or not.

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